Psalm 121

1    I to the hills will lift mine eyes,

          from whence doth come mine aid.

2    My safety cometh from the Lord,

          who heav’n and earth hath made.

3    Thy foot he’ll not let slide, nor will

          he slumber that thee keeps.

4    Behold, he that keeps Israel,

          he slumbers not, nor sleeps.

5    The Lord thee keeps, the Lord thy shade

          on thy right hand doth stay:

6    The moon by night thee shall not smite,

          nor yet the sun by day.

7    The Lord shall keep thy soul; he shall

          preserve thee from all ill.

8    Henceforth thy going out and in

          God keep for ever will.

Ekklesia Muskogee is a reformed baptist church that gathers for worship in Muskogee, Oklahoma. We confess the 1689 second London baptist confession of faith. We affirm the five solas of the Reformation as well as the doctrines of grace (otherwise known as the five points of Calvinism), and each of our pastors would not be ashamed to be called a Calvinist. We are a church led by elders, of which there is a plurality (also called pastors and overseers in the Scriptures). Our mission is to make disciples, love cities, and plant churches.